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Buying a house is exciting! No matter if it's your first home or you've been through the process before, having an agent to help you is your best bet to guide you through all your questions and concerns while giving you expertise along the way. I'll work to help you find your dream home, location, and more! Here are a few helpful buying tips!

Set your budget

A general rule of thumb when buying a house is two to three times your annual income. This ensures you'll be taking on a mortgage commitment that is doable for you and your budget. Set aside a down payment and decide which loan program will work best for you.

Decide on must-haves

Are you looking for a certain number of bathrooms? A certain location? A spacious backyard? These questions will help you make decisions as we go through the process and will help me as an agent find your dream home. 

Start house hunting

Everyone's favorite part! I will ensure to show you homes that fit your price range as well as meet your must-have list.

Make an offer

Once we've found your dream home I will help you to place an informed offer that is on par with other homes in the market. 

inspection, and appraisal

If the first offer is not accepted, negotiation will begin. After a price has been agreed upon, a home inspector will inspect your new home and determine if anything needs fixing. An appraiser will then be utilized to decide the value of the home. 


You've reached the end of the house buying process. YAY! All that remains is signing final paperwork.

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